The Goal Triangle Setting and Achieving Ambitious Goals To Become… Unstoppable!


This site is dedicated to helping you set and achieve ambitious goals. My belief is that with the right approaches, you can become unstoppable!

I will focus on 3 biggest areas where people usually set goals, forming The Goal Triangle:

Fitness - physical health, mental attitude and frame of mind

Family - including all personal relationships, friends, your greater family of "community"

Finances - including career

These three areas form a triangle that over time must be balanced, though as you'll see, I think temporarily imbalances are not only inevitable - they are important for progress.

We all naturally set goals, but some people are better at it than others. Some people achieve what they set out to achieve. You can be one of those people. Success can be learned.

Proper goal-setting is critical for whatever you define as success: fitness, business, home and family, etc. While this site isn’t about “success” per se, I truly desire that you use the principles I share so that you do succeed.

Success without goal setting isn’t “success” – it’s luck.

I believe a person is a success if he or she consciously decides to achieve something, sets goals to achieve it, and works to achieve it. That is success.

What You Can Expect

I’ll share short articles each week with various takes on goal setting. You can sign up to get those delivered right to your email.

I don’t pretend that anything I say here is entirely original. Others before me have uncovered so many of the foundations of goal setting (and success itself) that you could take a lifetime learning what other people have written and still not know everything.

But you don’t have to study everything. You just need to learn some basic principles. I can teach you those and boil them down into actions and insights that will help you achieve your goals.

In fact, my originality here is not going to be in the principles - those are timeless and weren't discovered by me!  But from time to time I will share a unique perspective that I believe will help you use the core principles.

If I know of other materials that might help you, I’ll mention them.

Who Is Darrin Clement?

Darrin Clement

Darrin Clement, on Setting and Achieving Ambitious Goals

You likely want to know “who I am” so that you can judge if you should take any advice you read here, right? Well, I’m no guru and I’m not perfect (psst – don’t tell my kids that last part!).

If I brag here, then you won’t listen because you’ll think I’m pompous or arrogant (which I may be).

But if I don’t pump my chest a little bit, then you won’t bother to listen because you’ll think I’m just some random blogger!

I do know a lot about proper goal setting.

I’m blessed to have been, and continue to be, very successful in what I put my mind to. The three cornerstones of The Goal Triangle – Fitness (health), Family, and Finances (career) – are all areas I am supremely confident in.

My family, which I will keep fairly private and anonymous, is unparalleled. My wife and kids are outstanding and our relationships are strong, founded in trust, mutual guidance, and fun.

I’m in great shape and exercise religiously, eating well, lifting weights, and running. I study the science of fitness, practice the art, and guide others. I run and related sites devoted to helping men over 40 build lean muscle and have an awesome physique.

I have started several companies, the most successful of which being Maponics, LLC – a mapping business that counts many current high-profile clients, including Google,, Citysearch, and far too many companies to name.

I’ve also got degrees in physics and engineering but that doesn’t really give credibility in the goal arena except to show that I can handle the goal-setting required to get advanced degrees.

I don’t mean to imply that I’m perfect. I’m not (and neither are my businesses or my family). I’m constantly learning and growing. But if you can learn from me, and grow faster as a result of this site, I will be pleased.


So join us by signing up, commenting in the discussions, and sharing this with friends and family.

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