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Resolutions vs Goals

Today’s post is a quick salute to other great articles/podcasts on goal setting.   A common theme that I’ve picked out is that RESOLUTIONS ARE NOT GOALS!

Please read these over – you’ll gain an appreciation for goal setting beyond my own slant and you are sure to be inspired!

1)      The Sales Guy

This is a good one because it’s a audio – listen online.  However, I think his approach is a little off.  His 5 rules are a variation on the SMART system, and in an upcoming article I’m going to simplify that for you.

2) From the master, Brian Tracy

This is inspiring and his 7-step process is better than “rules”; it’s a method you can actually make use of.

3) In the fitness world, I love Tom Venuto:

I’m not including this to get you to buy his, book, but rather because he’s the best I know of for helping to set the right fitness goals.  But if you do decide you want to purchase his book, I’d love it if you did it through my affiliate link here.

4)      Tim Ferriss is a superstar, not really focused on goal-setting per se, but this is one of his best posts:

It’s an excerpt from his book and highlights how you can win big by having bigger goals than you might think.

5) On the financial side, I love the Get Rich Slowly blog.  However, I’m gotta slam his goal setting technique for 2010 on

I love the fact that he’s got a single biggest goal for the year.  But it’s so big that he needs to define intermediary goals (milestone goals) along the way.  He’s a little squishy on having goals that are truly measureable and timebound.

6) And then there’s my own fitness site and a recent article I wrote there: .

Have you read other sites that have really good messages for goal setting?  I’m totally fine with you dropping their links here!

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  1. About point number 3: Tom Venuto is, of course, mostly famous as a bodybuilder. But, he is also a “success coach.” His observations on goals are as applicable to financial matters as they are to fitness. And, like all good communicators, his insights leave you thinking, “Why, of course that is true! I already knew that; I just never thought to say it as well!”

    If you have not yet purchased Tom’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle eBook, you just as well do it now! If you order from Darrin’s link, it will cost you the same as if you order it from anywhere else. And, no matter where you order it from, it comes with a full, no strings attached 8 week money back guarantee. THAT is pretty hard to beat!

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